what is difference between stainless steel and carbon steel valve?

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What is difference between stainless steel and carbon steel valve?

The term of valve is probably not really familiar for common people. Particularly, it is if you are not dealing with the industry or construction. However, this tool is actually not something strange. It can even be found in our daily life. Valve here refers to the device to let, stop, and set up the water or other liquid to flow in the pipe. It is only a small example. There are many kinds of valve depending of the functions and materials to produce. In term of materials used, there are some kinds of metal for producing it. Some of them are stainless steel and carbon steel. What is the difference between them? Here is the explanation.

Stainless Steel Valve

Sure, it can be defined as valve made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is made from various metal elements. Besides, it has many variants depending on the compositions of elements contained. But in general, stainless steel has two main substances; they are chrome and iron. Iron is the main forming substance. Meanwhile, chrome is to bring anti-corrosion effect. What makes stainless steel is resistant toward corrosion as well as clean and more aesthetic is due to the application of chrome anyway. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if stainless steel is more common to be used for appliances often dealing with water like kitchen utensils and table ware. Corrosion is toxic if it is consumed by human. Therefore, it is clear if your daily appliances should be made from  this material.

Stainless steel valve is then recommended for its anti-corrosion characteristics. Moreover, it is known that valve deals with water and other kinds of liquid that tend to make metal stuff more easily corroded. Unfortunately, stainless steel is considered less strong compared to any other steel. Therefore, in industry and manufacture, the application of stainless steel is limited only in certain stuff.

Carbon Steel Valve

Carbon steel is made from the combination of iron and carbon. The main characteristic of carbon is that it is corroded. It cannot be longer dealing with dirt, something wet and moist as it is reacted faster. Besides, it is quite fragile as well. As an example, if you have a knife made from carbon steel and you slam it, it can be simply broken. The reaction can be in the form of color changing and certainly, the appearance of corrosion. Despite its lack, carbon steel is stronger, more durable and easy to be sharpened.

Carbon steel is also used to produce valve and any other industry stuff. Sure, it means that carbon steel valve is more easily corroded and you must be really careful while handling it. However, its durability gives it another plus point to be used often in the industry.


It is clear what the difference between those two valves. Stainless steel valve is anti-corrosion but not really strong while carbon steel valve is easily corroded but stronger and more durable. Practically, it depends on the functions of valve whether it is better to use the stainless steel or the carbon steel. Article provided by Kp-Lok